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When Sara Bouwens (1996) perceives the world around her she tries to give awareness to the beauty of the everyday. In essence, the work of Sara shows itself within a painterly gesture combined with objects and a strong fetish towards ‘fake’ materials. The apparent reality of the materiality that we have created around ourselves within the contrast of the sensitivity of our natural habitat is a fascination that awakens her to create. She is inspired by the things and people the closest to her, which are not seen immediately in the work. As a result, she creates detachment and intimacy at the same time. From residue to monochrome to installations and assemblages, in which the desire is to create a dialogue with the space around her. Sara graduated Fine Arts from 2015 t/m 2019 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK). 


It is cold but sunny Wednesday in Berlin. Here I am, cycling around , trying to clean my head and searching for the gift that we can call inspiration. A grand arcade, an ugly building which is catching and reflecting the sunlight and suddenly becomes beautiful. Behind me the houses are getting smaller, I enter the flower market, I Imagine the smell of the freshly picked blossom branches in combination with my own bergamot body cream and my freshly picked and bought peaches from the market.  Sunlight, twelve O’ clock. The other site of the market is covered by the shade of the big building, the sky is pleasantly blue, birds are singing and the noises of the people around me are almost gone. In my mind I create an awareness of perfection, my senses are looking for elements in my surroundings ,to connect objects and things and construct a visual image out of little details which can be everywhere. I am looking for elements which are pure in their form, color, and being and which can serve as a formal play in my head.I continue my walk through the market and my eyes fall upon this beautiful woman. She is wearing a purple blouse, the tones of her skin are completely matching the purple gestures of her blouse in combination whit her big white bag , The transparent and blue plastic bags filled with colorful fruits and behind her you see healthy blue sky arising and shining.  The colors and the materials and how they relate together are giving me a boost of happiness and are able to trigger my senses in the right way. I look at the two lantern pools, they gradually rise into individual shapes. One is taller because the sun is high lighting the pale colored pole and creates a different shape in the peak of its spire.

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